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Squarespace and Shopify stressing you out?


Squarespace and Shopify are great but they’re not always easiest to figure out. Even if you use these platforms regularly, you’ve still ended up wasted your precious time googling for hours!

Maybe you’ve had a go at creating your own website but you’re not 100% happy with the outcome. Perhaps you’ve hired someone and you’re not satisfied with the results. Finding a Squarespace or Shopify expert that truly gets design, brand experience AND conversion is tough.

If you’re looking for someone who:

1) Has a great eye for design and UX

2) Understands Squarespace and Shopify fully (including custom CSS)

3) Has a marketing background to make sure you hit your business goals

4) 3) Doesn’t drop off the face of the planet without any notice

Well, this is for you. We’ve been there. Our focus is on helping you take your website and business to the next level.

Let’s move your business forward together. Why not schedule a call today?

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 “It was wonderful working with Zay. She really took the time to understand my brand. Her creativity and her knowledge of Shopify is like no other. ”

– Richard W.


"Amazing work Zay! Website beautifully crafted and created efficiently and so easy to chat with to share your ideas."

– Allison K


“Zay has really added value to the project and has a great eye for design. I was really impressed with how quickly everything was done...made it all look and feel very easy!”

– Fergus S.


"You are great at what you do and have made the experience so much easier and less stressful."

– Sharla N.


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