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Squarespace and Shopify stressing you out?


Squarespace and Shopify are great but they’re not always easy to figure out. Even if you use these platforms regularly, there’s still a learning curve.

Maybe you’ve had a go at creating your own website but you’re not 100% happy with the outcome. Perhaps you’ve hired someone and you’re not satisfied with the results. Finding a Squarespace or Shopify expert that truly gets design, brand experience AND conversion is tough.

If you’re looking for someone who:

1) Has a great eye for design and UX with a background in marketing

2) Understands Squarespace and Shopify fully (including custom CSS)

3) Doesn’t drop off the face of the planet without any notice

Well, this is for you. We’ve been there. These days our focus is on helping you take your website and business to the next level.

Here’s what you get:

  • Clean, mobile-optimised website that gets your message across

  • Email, hosting & free domain for a year

  • SEO-optimised so your customers can find you

  • Blog and shop if required

  • Walk-through training call before launch

  • Three hours of free support after launch

  • 20% off Squarespace packages

All you have to do is schedule a call and we’ll get started. Let’s move your business forward together.


here’s how it works.

zay  creative web design

phase 1: discovery

Here we go deep into your business and figure out how to take it to the next level. We get clear on your business and website goals, ideal client, audit your existing site and decide on next steps.


phase 2: website design

This is where we roll up our sleeves and revamp your website making sure it’s gong to help you get closer to your goals. We take care of the planning and the design. There’s a training call at the end so you can have more control of content going forward.


phase 3: strategy

Time to let your customers know how you can help them. Boost your business with a game-changing Instagram strategy, a perfectly planned influencer partnership or even get more local footfall. We’ll help you craft a strategy that works. Hire us to execute or do it yourself. That’s totally up to you.


phase 4: celebrate

Congrats! You’ve upleved your website and transformed your business plus you had fun doing it!

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free e-guide

the ultimate guide to creating killer content.
(20+ prompts included!)




marketing packages also available.


get it touch for a free consultation and we’ll create the perfect package for your business needs.